Oils N Oils

This complete oil formula should be used as an addition to enhance any pets diet. The carefully blended formula contains:


Omega 3 -from Cod Liver Oil. This promotes a healthy heart and helps alleviate the harmful effects of allergies, helps relieve inflammatory skin conditions as well as significantly improving painful joint inflammations such as Osteoarthritis.Omega 6 -a balanced mix from both Flax Seed and Cotton Seed to assist with brain function, skin and hair quality and growth.

Omega 9 - to promote healthy inflammation responses whilst actively aiding both Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Coconut oil - is also added and known as " The Tree Of Life " for its overwhelming health benefits. The coconut oil is blended in such a way that it does no t solidify as in other products. It remains in liquid form for ease of use.



Ingredients - Coconut oil, fish oils, cottonseed oil

Available in the following sizes             1 L       $ 31.95

                                                              5 L       $99.00