Clear Eyes for the White Guys

Although this blend of natural herbs was designed initially to prevent common eyes issues such as irritation and discharge, its complex formula, also aids in the prevention and treatment of more severe eye ailments such as Ophthalmia, Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis, cataracts, sties, weeping and bloodshot eyes.


Clear Eyes For the White Guys contains balanced levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins A and B to reduce the risks of macular degeneration due to the aging process.



Ingredients - Astragalus, Eye bright, brewer yeast, sunflower, kelp, lecithin, celery, turmeric, molasses.


Available in the following sizes                40g     $  25.95

                                                                80g     $  46.90

                                                                160g    $  92.80

                                                                320g   $140.00

                                                               640g    $220.70